non ho capito se me ne sto fregando o se me ne voglio fregare.




Last night Skrillex KILLED IT. 👽

Seeing this little man playing, screaming, jumping and climbing the stage was amazing. Sonny Moore you are a legend! The castle was nearly going down! GRAZI👽

Skrillex, 11-07-2014, IO C’ERO.


Ticket To Ride!

Happy birthday to the most adorable drummer in the world - Ringo Starr!
I love you your cute little thing

(via thebeatols)


Happy Birthday Ringo ! 

Anche se sei un truzzone, ti si vuole bene lo stesso. Buon compleanno Richard!


This year, I’m “celebrating” the McLennon day in a different way. Because I personally took this pic two weeks ago: I’ve had the pleasure to stand under this plaque, during my last days in Liverpool. In St Peter’s church, trust me, you can feel the magic of that first meeting. It’s like an holy place. I hope that every beatlemaniac will have the chance to be there like me during their lives.

6 July 1957 - 6 July 2014: HAPPY MCLENNON DAY! 

David Luiz of Brazil consoles James Rodriguez of Colombia after Brazil’s 2-1 win during the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Quarter Final match between Brazil and Colombia on July 4, 2014 

(pic taken in “The Beatles’ story museum”, Liverpool)

(e torna prima che puoi, cavernicolo punk del mio cuore, che qua c’è una che ti manca a cui manchi il triplo)